Our Mission

Unionville Presbyterian Church has been a proud member of the greater Southern Chester County community since the mid-1800s. At UPC, we are committed to dedicating a significant amount of our annual budget to support local community organizations.

Active in the Community

Our socially active congregation is involved in all aspects of the community and supports local community organizations such as:

In addition, our Good Samaritan Fund has been responsible for many community initiatives, such as donating crockpots to groups of young mothers and giving away over 1,000 winter coats to needy children in the area. Plus, we do our best to show our appreciation to our local police and fire departments with our weekly delivery of homemade baked goods!

Looking for a way to “give back” and make a difference in the world? Consider joining our church and becoming part of our caring and loving community. Or, simply make a much needed (and much appreciated!) donation to help support our mission.

"They truly live up to their mission 'Small Church - Big Heart'"

Unionville Presbyterian Church is the kind of local partner a nonprofit always hopes for: encouraging, generous, and always ready to engage with us! Not only has their ministry encouraged the YoungMoms staff by dropping off monthly goodies and treats, but they have also provided financial support to our clients through rental assistance and monetary donations. They went above and beyond in 2022, when they offered hands on support at our monthly workshops! This past Christmas season, they gathered over 50 crock pots to donate to each of our young mothers and provided a cooking lesson to equip them! We look forward to many more opportunities to work alongside this wonderful church. They truly live up to their mission “Small Church – Big Heart”.

"Though they may be small, they are fierce."

We can’t begin to thank you, Unionville Presbyterian, enough for your support and belief in Family Promise. This force of mighty workers and believers is the very bedrock on which Family Promise of Southern Chester County is built. Unionville Presbyterian Church (UPC) was the first congregation to sign on for our rotational program and their very own pastor, Annalie Korengel, was a founding board member and two-time Board President. Sue Minarchi was the first employee and first Executive Director, and Robin MacPherson was instrumental in getting the entire program and office in shape.

UPC members followed the lead of their pastor and gave their all to make Family Promise what it is today. We want to live by their example and remember, “though they be but small, they are fierce” (loosely paraphrasing from Shakespeare) and this church powered by faith is unstoppable.

Thank you for all that you do for Family Promise.