From baking cookies each week for local organizations, to collecting food and donations for those in need and having our Sunday School support that effort as well, our outreach and partnerships align with our mission of supporting organizations in the area in which we live and worship.

On most Wednesdays, we have our church family bake cookies and bring them in to be shared with police and fire departments, among others. Recently we raised money for the Kennett Area Community Service by hosting a bake table at the church. If you’d like to help, check the weekly email from Pastor Annalie or the back of the bulletin to find out who we are baking for this week.

Through the Kennett Ministerium, Pastor Annalie and Rev. David Grainson of St. Michael 
Lutheran Church switched pulpits to share different voices from different traditions with their respective congregations. The Ministerium’s vision is that we are better together and learn from each other.